The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited. As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

There are basic principles that believers must know and apply to operate effectively in the Kingdom of God. If we live the way the world lives we will get the results the world gets. However, if we will function in line with God’s way of doing things we will get supernatural results in a natural world! In this powerful teaching, you will learn basic principles to operate in the Kingdom of God. As we learn these principles and apply them in our lives they will enable us to live victoriously in the Earth!

Renewing The Subconscious Mind

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: To operate in the Kingdom of God lifestyle, which is a new way of operating in the Earth (a new way of thinking, talking, an acting) you first of all MUST change the way that you think to line up with this new system. – Mark 1:14-15 I. To operate...

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Operating Out Of Your Spirit

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: To operate in the Kingdom of God system you must operate out of your spirit and not your flesh. The Kingdom of God system is a spiritual system that runs on spiritual principles that must be applied by a spirit-being. You cannot operate from the...

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Coming Out Of Deception

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: Deception is a weapon used by Satan to keep believers under the bondage of his system. As believers to come out of the bondage of Satan’s system, we must come out of deception by getting the truth of God’s Word. – Matthew 12:25 I. Satan has a...

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Thinking Big

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: The kingdom of God demands that you think big because it was designed to accomplish the “impossible”, reach the “unreachable”, and attain the “unattainable.” In the Kingdom of God we cannot think in terms of limitations, because the Kingdom of...

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With God

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: In the Kingdom of God you must have a God-with-me consciousness. You must act as though it is you and God and not just you. – John 8:29 I. One of the main deceptions of the devil is that he wants you to act as though you have to accomplish the...

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Timeless Talk

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: In the Kingdom of God our language is timeless. When you talk in time you put off the promises of God to a future date. However, when you talk in faith, you put those promises on right now. – Hebrews 11:1 I. God does not deal in time A. God is...

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Making God Your Source

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: As believers we must stop looking to world’s way to get out needs met and start looking to God and His way. That is what it means to make God your source. - Matthew 6:24 I. If we are going to work God’s system, then we have to make God our sole...

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Activating The Kingdom

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: The Kingdom of God system is not activated because you’re in need; it’s activated when you engage in the principles of it. – Matthew 6:8 I. God was moved by your need and he met every need that you would ever have at the foundation of the world...

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