The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Renewing The Subconscious Mind

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: To operate in the Kingdom of God lifestyle, which is a new way of operating in the Earth (a new way of thinking, talking, an acting) you first of all MUST change the way that you think to line up with this new system. – Mark 1:14-15

I. To operate in the Kingdom of God system, we are first of all going to have to change the way that we think (Mark 1:14-15)

A. The gospel of the Kingdom is going to tell us how to talk, think, and act in way that’s going to enable us to live successfully in the Earth

1. Many times believers stop at salvation and eat milk for 40 years

a. We got to further than no cussing, no drinking, no smoking

2. We got to stop operating on the level of the world and live out the lifestyle of the Kingdom of God

B. Everything in the Kingdom of God lifestyle is different, because it is a brand new lifestyle

1. There’s a different way of talking, thinking, acting, finance, and health

C. There is a new way of doing things and we have to change the way that we think to line up with this new system

1. Our mindset hasn’t been in line with God’s (Isaiah 55:8-11)

a. The Garden of Eden on the Earth, Debt-Free living, Everybody gets healed, Nothing is impossible, Free provision to work towards the vision, Million Billion and Trillion, Made to rule created to reign authority over all the Earth, I’m the righteousness of God , God’s already done it

2. We have to think on the level of God

a. Where did I get that thought? Did that come from the word?

II. We have to unhook from the system of the world and hook into the system of the Kingdom and we do that by, first of all, changing our mindset

A. Many believers have gotten born again and placed in the Kingdom of God, but because they haven’t changed their mindset they are still hooked to the world’s system and operating under it

1. You can’t be hooked to that world’s system and get Kingdom results (Where’s the fruit?)

2. As long as you think like the world you’ll operate like the world

a. Romans 8:5 – Thoughts produce actions

B. Jesus took us out of the world; now we need to get the world out of us (Colossians 1:12-13)

1. When they moved from Egypt into the wilderness they built a calf

a. God didn’t teach Abraham to build a calf, Abraham didn’t teach Isaac, Isaac didn’t teach Jacob, and Jacob didn’t teach Joseph. They learned that in Egypt.

b. They were in the wilderness and out of Egypt when they built this calf, but Egypt wasn’t out of them.

c. That calf came was transferred from Egypt into the wilderness in the hearts

d. God took us out of the world and a lot to times believers come into the Kingdom and don’t engage in the process of getting the world out of them. So even though they’re in the Kingdom, things they learned in the world are still coming out of them.

2. The way you used to live life, you got to put that off (Eph 4:22-24)

a. This is written to born again people so obviously born again people can still be operating according the former way of life that they operated in before they got saved

1) There is an unrenewed part of you that will still hang around after you get born again, that you must put off

2) If you’ve been in church and taught according to that religious system, you got to put that off

b. One of the main jobs of the enemy is to keep you talking the way you used to talk, thinking the way you used to think, and acting the way you used to act before you got born again

1) If Satan can keep you operating like you did in the past then you’ll just be a Christian who’s going to Heaven, but still getting the results a sinner gets in the Earth

c. The new man was created in God’s image [Godlike] so now it’s time to think like God, talk like God, act like God, and operate like God in the Earth (Ephesians 5:1)

1) Religion has taught us that God has a way, the world has a way, and then the church has a way and who are we to think that we could act like God?

a) Seek his Kingdom and his righteousness (Matt 6:33)

2) Put on the new nature, by renewing your mind

C. There’s a subconscious part of you called the spirit of your mind that must be renewed and reset to think like God

1. Your subconscious mind is your belief system; it’s how you really think and how you really believe

a. Your subconscious mind is the auto-pilot of your life

1) Your subconscious mind conducts about 85% of your daily decisions without you knowing it

2) It’s defined as existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond conscious awareness

b. We can consciously say we believe the word and what we’re doing is mentally ascending to the fact that the word is true

1) If our subconscious minds are still trained to the world’s system, and we’ll go home and say something totally opposite to what we just said amen to in church

D. We don’t want to be in self-deception about what’s really inside of us, what we really believe, and what we really think (James 1:22)

1. One of the most revealing times of what’s in you is when the pressure is put on you

a. What’s inside of us will come out (Matthew 12:34)

1) You don’t squeeze a ketchup bottle and get mustard

b. Matthew 26:33-35, 69-74 – When the squeeze was put on Peter we found out what was really in him

c. When they moved from Egypt and into the wilderness pressure came on them and they built a calf (Exodus 32)

2. If what’s really in you is never exposed, then you won’t do what’s necessary to get it out of you

a. We have to examine ourselves and find out what’s really in us (2 Corinthians 13:5)

1) AMP-Examine and test and evaluate your own selves to see whether you are holding to your faith and showing the proper fruits of it.

E. A carnal mind is against God and therefore against His system and the results that it produces (Romans 8:5-7)

1. Traditional ways of religious thinking will make the word of God of none effect in your life (Mark 7:13 – None effect – Make void)

a. The Word’s promised you debt-freedom, but has an old traditional religious way of thinking in you voided out the words ability to produce that in your life?

b. Satan wants to keep you in that old way of thinking because if He can then the word of God is voided out and has no effect in your life

III. We want to go to the word and renew our subconscious minds so that we will respond and operate the Kingdom Way automatically

A. The Word will separate you from the world (John 17:17)

1. As you hear the uncompromised Word of God and sow the word of God into your heart, that word will begin to separate you from the world or push the world out of you

a. The more uncompromised word you get, the more set apart from the world you’ll become

1) You can’t hear the word of that world’s system of religion and expect to be separated from the world

b. Where there is no uncompromised Word, there is no separation from the world

1) Satan is slow and deceptive his maneuvers. He’ll just sow a little of the world in you at a time.

2. We have to get in there with the word and effect that subconscious part of us, so that we talk the word without thinking it, think the word without thinking it, and act the word without thinking it

a. If there’s away to be automatic in doing wrong (the world’s system), there’s a way to be automatic in doing right (God’s Way)

B. To renew our subconscious minds, it’s going to require diligence in the Word (Hebrews 5:11-14)

1. Dull of hearing-AMP-Sluggish even slothful in spiritual hearing and in achieving spiritual insight

a. We can’t be slothful and lazy in achieving spiritual insight from the word and get our subconscious minds renewed

2. Senses – The faculty of the mind for perceiving, understanding, and judging

a. We want our minds to see ourselves the way God says we are, understand in line with what God says, and judge in line with what God says without thinking to do so

3. Exercised – Exercise and train vigorously

a. It’s going to take some vigorous training to renew that part of my mind

b. You take your mind and you purposely and diligently make your mind perceive, understand, and judge in line with God’s word into what you had to exercise on purpose becomes automatic (Rom 12:1)

1) Renewing the mind is you saying something different to think something different until you don’t have to say something different to think something different anymore

IV. To work the Kingdom of God system you have to get God’s words because they are going to give you His thoughts. When you have God’s thoughts and think like God, they are going to cause you to work His system (go His ways). When you work God’s system (go His ways) you are going to get His results.

A. Isaiah 55:1-3,7-12

1. Isaiah 52 & 53 is a picture of what happened to Jesus on the cross, Isaiah 54 is the results that are available because of it, and Isaiah 55 is what we have to do to receive those results.

B. Everyone that thirst – Every one that wants more

1. You got to want more than where you’re at

a. If your satisfied you’re not fit for God’s Kingdom

2. All lack begins with a lack of hunger for God’s Word (Proverbs 13:13)

a. Destruction begins in the lives of most believers because they do not make the Word of God priority one in their lives

3. Why are you spending time laboring for something that is leaving you unsatisfied, not full, with not enough, and without abundance?

a. John 6:63 – The flesh profits nothing

C. Go to God and get his words

1. Hearken diligently – To hear, listen, obey, to hear with attention or interest, give heed

2. Incline your ear – To stretch out, extend, stretch, offer

3. Hear – To hear, listen, obey

4. Seek the Lord – to resort to, seek, enquire, to consult, to investigate to practice, study, follow, seek with application

D. Words > Thoughts > Ways (System) > Results

1. Let the wicked forsake his way of doing things by forsaking his thoughts and return to the Kingdom of God system

2. We haven’t operated according to God’s system (ways), because we haven’t had God’s thoughts

a. God’s ways and His thoughts are on another level, so don’t trip out when you hear how God thinks and how God does things

3. He’s giving us a comparison between the rain/snow and the word

a. He sent his word to give us His thoughts, so that we could work his system (go His ways) and get His results

1) When His comes forth (it’s higher than your thoughts and your ways) so when it doesn’t make sense to your carnality don’t reason your through the Word to make it fit your carnality, just receive by faith

2) When the church is not in faith, they are not receiving the Word by faith and then they try to reason the word out and Satan helps them reason out something that’s not true

b. We must stop spending time with words, that are giving us thoughts, and causing us to go the way of the world that is not profiting us

E. When we work God’s system nothing missing and nothing broken will be the result

1. The covenant that he makes with us is a covenant of peace/shalom nothing missing, nothing broken (Isaiah 54:10)

2. Romans 14:27 – The Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost

a. Peace – Safety, welfare, health