The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Words Becoming Things

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: Word-seed will become physical things when they are sent to the ground of our hearts and developed into fully persuaded faith. – Hebrews 11:3, John 1:14

I. Word-seeds will manifest themselves as physical things

A. When you’re talking about God’s way of doing things, when God wanted to create something physical he used words (Hebrews 11:3)

1. God spoke this planet into existence (Genesis 1)

a. Everything that you see on this planet was created by words

1) Every physical thing on this planet is a manifestation of Word-Seeds

b. We want to do things the way God does things and He used words

1) To create physical things God used words and if we are going to do things God’s way then we have to use words

2. Every physical thing on this planet has it’s origin in words; every physical thing originated from word-seeds

a. The human body was formed out of the dust of the ground, but the dirt was created by words and in turn your physical body was created by words

1) You can trace every man and woman back to the first man and woman and they were created by words

b. All plant an animal life can be traced back and the first one was created by words

c. Any material things that man created can be traced back to the first material that the man used and that was created by words

3. We live in a word-created and word dominated universe

B. Words become physical things

1. Words becoming…

a. John 1:14 – The Word became physical flesh

1) God’s way of getting a redeemer into the Earth was through words

a) Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 53, 9:6, Jeremiah 23:5,

2) Luke 1:30-38

a) The Holy Ghost impregnated Mary with the seed of the Word

b) She had to get impregnated with the seed of the Word in her heart, before she could get impregnated with the seed of the Holy Ghost in her womb

b. Proverbs 4:22 – Words became physical healing to flesh

1) Psalm 107:20 – Words became healing and deliverance

c. John 8:32 – Words become physical freedom

d. Mark 4:35-40 – Words becoming physical peace

1) Peace was words first. Be still was words first. Words became.

e. Mark 11:12 – Word became a cursed tree

f. 1 Samuel 17:34-37, 45:48 – Words became victory

1) David had to have heard what he spoke from God before he spoke it and then he sowed the seed

g. Daniel 3:16-18 – Words became deliverance

1) They had to have heard those words before they spoke those words and then they sowed the seed

2. This apple started off as this little seed. When it was planted it produced a tree and then off of that tree came this apple that began as one small seed.

a. This seed has the potential to be this physical thing

b. EX-This wife, this ring started off as these word-seeds. When these word-seeds were planted into the ground of my heart, they produced a tree-belief, and off of that belief became this physical wife and this physical ring. Words became a physical engagement ring and a wife and dwelt among me.

C. We live by the words that God has spoken to us (Matthew 4:4)

1. We make our living by this Word

a. The just live by faith (tree), but faith comes from this word

2. This word is our source and our supply

D. APPLICATION: Words have the potential to become physical things. Whatever physical thing you need in life, you have to start with the Word that it’s going to become from.

1. To create physical things God used words and if we are going to do things God’s way then we have to use words when we need to create things in our lives

II. The seed of the Word becomes by first of all producing faith in your heart

A. The seed of the word becomes faith (Mark 4:27-28)

1. The seed springs and grows up

a. We see the word seed growing and developing and becoming

2. Words that you spend time with become faith in your heart (Romans 10:17 – Faith becomes by sowing the seed of the Word)

a. The tree is a product of the seed. Your faith-tree is a product of word-seeds.

b. Can you expect to have a belief in you if you never spend time with word seeds to create and develop that belief?

B. The process of the word seed becoming — Word seed becomes faith – Faith yields the result in your life – That fruit became from word-seed

1. The way natural seed has to become a plant first the word-seed has to become faith first.

a. There’s a step of between the seed and the fruit

2. Words become faith first. They don’t just become the fruit. (Mark 4:28)

a. First the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear

1) There’s progression or development here of the seed into faith and faith yielding the harvest

3. What just started off as words, when they were sown, they developed a belief in your heart and has a man believes in his heart so is he.

a. The Word of God is precious seed-promises that are designed to create faith in your heart and faith will yield the harvest.

b. The manifestation of what you desire starts off as a word-seed. When that word seed is sent to the ground of your heart it manifests into a belief in your heart (tree). That belief (tree) that started off as word seed will then produce results (bear fruit) in your life. That fruit that you see started off as a word-seed.

C. Faith like a tree had to develop There’s a process or development of believing

1. The first thing the word seed does is it produces a belief (That’s the blade)

2. The second thing that happens is that belief begins to develop (That’s the development of the tree)

3. After that the belief will manifest the result in your life (That’s the harvest or the fruit being brought forth)

a. When you take an apple seed and plant it into the ground the purpose for that seed is to produce more apples. However the first thing that the apple seed does is that it works with the ground to grow and develop an apple tree. You will get no apples without an apple tree. The seed begins to develop and a tree begins to be sprung forth. The tree doesn’t start producing apples the moment that it springs from the ground. That tree has to develop and grow before it can yield the fruit of apples. When it has developed and grown, then it’s gone through the process necessary to qualify itself to bear fruit. If there’s no fruit yet, then the tree is not done developing. (Mark 4:28)

4. If the fruit is not there you’re still in the process of believing.

D. You develop your faith by watering the seed of the word with the water of the word and by giving light to the seed of the Word with the light of the Word. (Ephesians 5:26, Psalm 119:105)

1. You send the water of the word and the light of the word down the necessary pathways to reach the seed of the word

a. We are constantly sending the Word to the ground of our heart whether it be in seed-form, water-form, or light-form

b. If the fruit is not there, then your faith isn’t developed and you should be sowing the Word to develop it.

1) If you’re not putting the word in to develop your faith, then you aren’t getting any closer to your harvest.

c. We’ve said we’ve believed and that’s okay because faith begins with a decision, but it’s developed through time spent in the Word.

1) You can’t separate the development of faith (tree) from the time you spend in the word.

a) You believe huh? Well how much time have you spend in the word on it?

2. Many people never get the harvest because they don’t spend time developing that tree

a. What has made us think that we can get a harvest without developing our tree with the Word?

E. You have to develop your faith to the place of full persuasion where you believe you have received. Fully developed faith is fully persuaded faith.

1. Mark 11:23-24

a. You have to believe you have it before you have it or harvest it

2. Romans 4:18-21

a. 17-He’s sowing the word seed by calling those things that be not as though they were

1) He’s putting it in his eyes by looking at the sand and the stars

b. 19-He didn’t have weak faith (tree) because he didn’t consider evil report

1) He didn’t sow the wrong word seeds by listening to, looking at, and talking about what his body was saying or what her womb was saying

c. 21-You have to have strong tree and fully persuaded tree to yield fruit

d. 18-This is how we know he was fully persuaded

F. APPLICATION: In the process of a word-seed becoming it has to become faith first before it becomes fruit.

1. Too many times we get the word-seed and it doesn’t become faith, it’s just head knowledge.

a. Believers have missed it many times because they think they have faith in their heart, but all the really have is knowledge in their head and you can tell that by just watching what they say and what they do under pressure.

2. If a harvest is what you desire, then the seed of the Word has to become faith in your heart first and that faith has to develop.