The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

The Unbelief Problem

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: God has provided everything that we would ever need that pertains to life and godliness, but if we operate with unbelief in our hearts, that unbelief will keep us from those things that are rightfully ours. – Hebrews 3:19 (AMP)

I. Unbelief (the wrong tree) will hinder a person in the Kingdom of God system.

A. Unbelief shut the children of Israel out of the promise land (Numbers 13:25)

1. In their minds they couldn’t possess the land b/c (1) The people are strong (2) The cities are walled (3)The cities are great (4) All the land is occupied by strong people

2. The real reason they couldn’t possess the land was b/c of their unbelief-Heb 3:19

a. They thought the physical walls that man built kept them out of the promise land, but in reality it was the walls of unbelief that they built in their heart

3. What’s keeping the children of Israel out of the promise land?

B. The disciples could not cure him because of their unbelief (Matthew 17:14-21)

1. The devil/the people didn’t hinder them; their unbelief hindered them

2. They had a tree that didn’t mach the fruit they desired

3. What’s keeping the disciples from healing this boy?

C. God has already provided everything for u that pertains unto life and godliness, but if you have unbelief in your heart it will hinder u from having things that are rightfully yours

1. What’s keeping you from being debt-free?

2. God had already given the land to them, but unbelief kept them from having what was rightfully theirs

a. EX: God has already provided all the money for you that you would ever need, but unbelief in the realm of financial prosperity can keep you from the financial prosperity that is rightfully yours.

3. If you don’t have the belief in your heart, to match the results that you desire, then you will be hindered from seeing the results you desire.

a. EX: A person can desire to be prosperous, but without the belief to match what they desire, they’ll be hindered from seeing what they desire

II. The problem in your life is not outside, it’s in your heart

A. Their problem was not outside and it was not physical, their problem was in their hearts

1. They didn’t have a wall problem, a strong people problem, or a cities being occupied problem. God gave them the answer to that problem in Exodus 33:1; They had an unbelief problem.

2. You don’t have a sickness problem, a lack problem, or a sin problem. Jesus defeated sickness, poverty, and sin and gave us the answers of healing, prosperity, and righteousness in his Word. Sickness isn’t the problem, lack isn’t the problem, and sin isn’t the problem. The problem is unbelief.

a. If you can believe you’re healed, then sickness has to leave your life. If you can believe you’re rich, then poverty has to leave your life.

b. The devil isn’t keeping you from being healed, prosperous, or delivered, it’s unbelief; the tree is the problem

3. We need not focus on the physical circumstances and situations because those things aren’t the problem. Let’s focus on the real problem and the real problem is unbelief in your heart.

B. Every tree/believe that’s not in line with the Word must be rooted out (Matt 15:10-20)

1. All of the unbelief that is in us, we have to root out

a. If you’re still getting discouraged and down and making negative confessions and caving under the pressure, then there is a tree of unbelief that must be uprooted in your life

b. The belief that’s in you is producing in your life, therefore if it doesn’t line up with the Word, then it has to go

C. APPLICATION: The thing that is keeping believers from walking in the fullness of the promises of God and seeing victory in their lives is not impossible circumstances, it is not people, and it is not the devil. It is unbelief in their hearts.

1. Focus on the true problem; unbelief in your heart

III. In the Kingdom of God system the currency is faith. (Mark 9:23)

A. If you want to get anything done in the KOG system it’s going to require faith/a tree

1. You can’t bear any fruit beyond your tree and you can’t bear any results beyond what you believe

a. The way that a farmer has no chance of getting apples without and apple tree, you as a believer have no chance of getting the results that you desire without the faith that will produce it

b. In the system of farming you can’t bear any fruit without a tree, just like any the KOG system you can’t bear any results without faith – THE CURRENCY IS FAITH

2. In the Kingdom of God you can’t do anything without faith

a. The more faith you have the more you can do, the less faith you have the less you can do

3. For this man to see his son healed it’s going to require faith

a. The man tried to put the responsibility of his son being healed on Jesus, his compassion, and willingness to help, but Jesus put the responsibility of that boy being healed on the man and his faith

1) The boy was not going to stay sick because Jesus lacked compassion or lacked a willingness to help

a) Psalm 46:1 – He is a very present help in the time of trouble

b) Psalm 86:15, 111:4, 112:4, 145:8 – He is full of compassion

b. Jesus is saying, “Not if I can do, but if you can believe.”

1) This man’s faith or lack there of was the only thing that was going to keep that boy from being healed

2) The results in your life are not determined by God (Matthew 12:35)

a) God’s “already done”, If you can believe

B. You can’t go any further in life than what you believe in your heart

1. The boundary or limit for what you can do in life is what you believe in your heart (Proverbs 4:23)

a. You can’t go any further than your tree. You can’t produce fruit beyond that tree. You can’t have results beyond your belief.

1) Num 13-The children of Israel couldn’t go in b/c they didn’t believe in the heart

2) 1 Samuel 17 – The men of Israel couldn’t defeat Goliath because they didn’t believe and David could because he believed

C. In the Kingdom of God what you can or can’t do is not based on your ability or the circumstances surrounding you. What you can or cannot do in the Kingdom is based on your ability to believe. (Mark 9:23)

1. If you can believe it, then it becomes possible for you

2. David didn’t have the natural ability to defeat Goliath & the circumstances surrounding him where not favorable, but he wasn’t limited to his natural ability or the circumstances surrounding him, he was only limited based on what he believed

3. You are limited or empowered by what you believe

a. The Children of Israel were limited, Joshua and Caleb were empowered

b. The army of Israel was limited, David was empowered

D. APPLICATION: If you want to operate effectively in the Kingdom of God system and produces results in this system you are required to have faith (a tree). Whatever you want to do, be, or have in the Kingdom of God you have to have faith to do it.

1. If you don’t believe it in your heart, you cannot become it, have it, or do it in life.

2. You are today what you believe you are. You have today what you believe you have. You’re doing today what you believe you can do. If you want to be something greater, have something greater, and do something greater, then you have to believe greater.