The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

The Power Of The Faith Tree

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: As a believer your life has no choice but to line up with what you believe in your heart. – Proverbs 23:7

I. Spiritual law says whatever I believe in my heart I am in life (Proverbs 23:7)

A. As a man believes in his heart so is he

1. Proverbs 23:7, Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 12:35, Matthew 15:11,15-19, 3 John 2

B. If the Bible is true, and it is, then it’s telling me if I change what I believe in my heart, my life has no choice but to transform into what I believe

1. Spiritual law says u can’t believe one thing in your heart & have another in your life

2. Because this is spiritual law this is going to work every time, all the time, no matter what the circumstances are

a. If you change what you believe in your heart, then your life is going to change and line up with what you believe every time, no matter what

C. People have got unbalanced and in self-deception where this principle is concerned

1. EX: They’ve said I believe I’m a millionaire and when it didn’t happen they say see that didn’t work

a. Just saying that you believe something does not prove that you believe

2. Real belief/faith is faith that has been developed, faith that has been tried, and faith that has been proven. It’s that kind of belief/faith that will come to pass in your life

3. Questioning your belief?

a. What word did God speak that is the basis for my belief

1) Apart from God saying something to you, you have no basis for faith

2) EX: You can say that you have faith in me to pay your bills, but if I didn’t say I was going to pay your bills, then you have no basis to believe that

3) EX: I believe in my heart that I am rich because God said I was

b. Faith has to be fully persuaded (James 1:6-8)

1) You can’t be double-minded and expect to receive a harvest

2) You can’t cross-pollinate your tree of faith with a tree of unbelief and expect to see a harvest

c. How much time have you spent with that word to develop your faith

1) Apart from time spent with that word there is no development of your faith to the place of full persuasion

d. When your faith was tried did you pass the test?

1) When pressure was put on your faith did it hold up under the pressure

4. Faith is perceiving as real fact what is not yet reveled to the senses (Heb 11:1 AMP)

a. When you believe like this in your heart, this will come to pass in your life

D. APPLICATION: You are what you believe you are, you have what you believe you have, and you’re doing what you believe you can do. If you’ll believe different, then your life has no choice but to be different.

II. The power of the faith tree is that it gives your life no choice, but to line up with what it’s saying

A. The three Hebrews (Daniel 3:28)

1. Their faith tree (belief) was “Our God who we serve is able to delivers us and He will deliver us”

a. They’ve set it up so that their life has no choice, but to get in line with this

2. Their belief is working and it won’t allow their life to be different than what they believe

a. They can’t die, they believe this

b. “I know you’re saying we’re supposed to die, but my faith tree is saying God will deliver me”

c. They were supposed to die in the fire, but they had a faith tree (belief) in them and their lives had no choice, but to line up with what they believed

3. The fire killed the men that threw them in the furnace because they got too close to the fire. But they went in the fire and the fire didn’t effect them

a. The fire effected the world, but it didn’t effect the people that worked the Kingdom of God system

b. It’s possible to get s faith tree in you and be in the middle of destruction, but unaffected by the destruction

B. Daniel in the lions den (Daniel 6:23)

1. 10-He must have believed God will deliver me

a. That’s his faith tree

2. 23-His belief was working and it wouldn’t allow his life to be different than what he believes

a. He can’t die, he believes this

b. Daniel was supposed to die in that lions den, but he had a faith tree in him and his life had no choice, but to line up with what he believed even if that meant getting thrown into a den of lions, and them not eating him

3. 24-Those men represented the world and the lions that had no effect on Daniel greatly effected these guys

a. Daniel is working a system

4. Daniel being delivered wasn’t in God’s hands. God already spoke His peace where Daniel’s deliverance was concerned. If your enemy comes against you one way, I’ll cause him to flee seven ways. Daniel’s deliverance was in his hands. Will you believe?

C. Abraham (Romans 4:16-21)

1. His tree was, “I am the Father of many nations.”

2. Their belief was working and it wouldn’t allow their life to be different than what they believed

3. They weren’t supposed to be able to have a baby, but they had a tree of faith in them, and their lives had no choice, but line up with what they believed. Even if that meant a 100 year-old man and a ninety year old woman with a dead womb having a baby.

D. APPLICATION: Your belief won’t allow your life to be different than what you believe

1. Whatever has to happen has to happen, I believe this

III. There’s no thing in this world order that faith cannot overcome (1 John 5:4)

A. It doesn’t matter how impossible the situation my seem, if you’ll get a fully persuaded tree of faith in you, your life has to choice but to change from what it is, to what you believe

1. My belief is working and it won’t allow my life to be different than what I believe

a. We can overcome anything, by getting a fully persuaded tree of faith in us

2. Our means of success is our faith (tree)

a. With no fully-persuaded faith tree how victorious and successful can a person be?

B. The power of this faith tree is that it will override natural law.

1. Natural laws tell you that you cannot do and cannot be certain things under certain conditions

a. Natural law says in a fire you burn, natural law says in a lions den you get eaten, natural law says a 100 year old man and a 90 year old woman don’t have babies, natural laws say a baby born with half a heart dies

2. The law of faith can override natural law and take you to a place where you’re not effected by the natural law

a. EXAMPLE: The Law Of Gravity vs. The Law Of Lift – When somebody releases the law of lift gravity is still working, but the law of lift has overpowered the law of gravity and kept that person unaffected by gravity. That airplane is not affected by gravity, because laws have been applied that overrode gravity.

3. Just like the law of gravity has no say when the law of lift is motion natural law has no say when the law of faith is in motion

C. If you can believe no body and no thing can keep you from the manifestation

1. 2 million people couldn’t keep Joshua and Caleb from it, being 80 years old couldn’t keep Joshua and Caleb from it, being 17 years old could keep David from it, having 300 men against 135,000 could keep Gideon from it, Being thrown in a fire couldn’t keep the 3 Hebrews from it, being thrown in a lions den couldn’t keep Daniel from it, being 100 years old and having a wife with a dead womb couldn’t keep Abraham from it

D. APPLICATION: If you develop a fully persuaded tree of faith, there is no man, situation, or circumstance that can keep you from being victorious and receiving what God has for you

1. There is no thing in this word order that faith cannot overcome, so if you’re in an impossible situation today know this, if you can get a fully persuaded tree of faith in you nothing can stop you from being victorious

IV. Inside every believer, there is a belief that has been developed through the words-seeds that they spend the most time with. That belief is yielding the results that they see in life. (Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 12:33-37)

A. As believers we have to take responsibility for our lives and acknowledge that the fruit we have came from what we believe in our hearts

1. Fruit doesn’t come from nowhere; if there is fruit, there was always a tree; if there’s a tree there was always a seed

a. Whoever is responsible for the seed sown your heart is responsible for the harvest you see in life

2. Life is not just coming from nowhere (Proverbs 26:2)

B. Too many times believers play the victim mentality where they blame people, situations, and circumstance for why they don’t have something or why they aren’t walking in the fullness of the promises of God

1. We need to stop playing the victim, change what we believe, and be the victor

2. In the Kingdom of God system, the blame for our failures goes solely on us

3. The church has not wanted to accept responsibility for their life; People like to play the victim

C. APPLICATION: When there’s something in your life that you don’t like, don’t play victim, own up, take responsibility, and change what you believe and change your life.