The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

The Ground Of The Heart

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: Your heart is the production center of your life. Whatever you send to it in the form of a word-seed, it will produce in your life. – Matthew 12:33-35

I. In the Kingdom of God system the soil/ground is your heart. Your heart is designed to be the production center of your life. That whatever you send to it in seed-form, it’s going to produce it in manifested form in your life. (Matthew 12:33-35)

A. The Earth will bring forth fruit of herself and your spirit will do the same thing-Mk 4:28

1. The Earth will bring forth what’s put in it

2. Your spirit is going to bring forth what you put in it; good bad or indifferent; whatever word-seed you put in your spirit, your spirit is going to produce in your

B. God has given you a production center called heart that will produce anything in your life that you plant in it in seed form (Proverbs 4:20)

1. The word-seed in your heart, then your heart works with the seed to produce a belief, & then that belief yields fruit in ur life-The Production Center Of Your Life.

a. Whatever the Farmer puts in the ground in seed-form, manifests out of the ground in harvest-form.

b. Whatever u put in ur heart in word-form will come out in manifested-form.

2. Mark 4:22-24

a. Every word-seed that you hide in your heart, will be manifested in your life

b. Be aware of what your hearing because what you hear will go into your heart and manifest in life

c. With what measure you mete, in hearing, it will be measured in harvesting

3. Proverbs 23:7 – Whatever is going on in my heart is going on in my life

C. The man who’s sowing the seed is the man who’s bring forth the harvest (Mt 12:35)

1. The man brings forth based on what HE put in

a. The man is determining what comes out based on what he puts in

2. God’s given all these great things to you seed-form and now it’s our job with the help of the Holy Spirit to bring them forth

a. We do that be sending the word-seed to the production center of our heart and it will be brought forth in our lives

3. When something needs to be produced I send it down the pathway to the production center in seed-form

D. Can I rightfully expect to see something in my life that I have not sown in my heart?

1. Your spirit cannot bring forth something that has not been planted in there

a. Soil will only produce outside of it, whatever is inside of it and our hearts are the same way

1) Whatever you want outside in manifested-form must be sown first in seed form

2. Matthew 12:35 – There had to be a good deposit before there could be a good thing brought forth

a. If u don’t send good in, in seed-form, then good can’t be sent out in harvest form

E. APPLICATION: Your heart is the production center of your life. That can be a good thing or bad thing based on what you put in your heart.

1. What you want to see in your life send to your heart in the form of a word-seed.

II. Guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23)

A. The Earth doesn’t know the difference between a good seed and a weed seed; it’s just brings forth fruit of herself (Mark 4:28, Matthew 12:35)

1. Evil things can be brought forth from the heart if evil things get deposited in

2. EXAMPLE: A fence post that’s been in the ground for a while is rotted because the Earth is trying to bring forth that fence post. The first thing that the ground does to the seed is removes the shell. When something is planted in the ground, the ground is going to work to bring that thing forth.

B. Guard your heart/Guard the production center – The word-seeds that dominate your heart will be the harvest that dominates your life

1. Above all keeping keep your heart

a. Obviously this is a serious thing to God if He’s saying above all guarding, don’t guard anything more than you guard your heart

1) Why? That’s where your life comes from

b. Keep your heart above all keeping – There’s a urgency and seriousness in that

2. Words are traveling down your eye-way and ear-way and getting into your heart and producing a belief and your life is coming from what you believe

a. Your life is coming from the deposits of word-seeds that you make in your heart

b. You’ll become the words that you spend the most time with

c. If you believe that you’ll guard your heart

C. You guard the Heart/Production center by closing down the pathways to wrong seeds

1. The only way into the heart is through the eye-way, ear-way, and mouth-way. If you close down those pathways to bad word-seeds they won’t get into your heart.

2. You have to have authorization from God to go down these pathways that lead to my heart

a. If you aren’t the Word of God then you aren’t authorized and you can’t travel down that pathway

1) What unauthorized word-seed-vehicles have you been allowing to travel down the pathways that lead to your production center?

b. I’m closing the ear-way, the eye-way, the mouth-way, and the mind-way down to authorized word-seed vehicles only

3. If you want to stop something from being in your life, then you must stop it first on the word level

a. What you don’t put in your eyes, ears, and say out your mouth won’t reach your heart and won’t be produced in your life

D. 4 Keys To A Guarded Heart (Proverbs 4:20-24)

1. 1) Attend to God’s Word – You got to start putting the right thing in

a. Don’t dwell on the problem, the circumstances or the evil report

1) I see that, but I’m giving my attention to this

b. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 – Cast down every thought that’s not in line with God’s word

1) When you take thoughts that don’t line up with God’s word, those thoughts are non-verbal word-seeds that are being sown into your heart

c. Philippians 4:8 – Fix your mind on the Word

2. 2) Hear God’s Word – Guard what you’re listening to (Proverbs 4:20)

a. Mark 4:24 – Take heed to what you hear

1) Watch what you hear verbally and non-verbally

b. It’s important to audibly hear yourself say the word, sometimes to shut up the voice of your mind

3. 3) Keep your eyes on God’s Word – Guard what you’re looking at (Proverbs 4:21)

a. Proverbs 4:25 AMP – Open up the Bible and fix your eyes on the Word

b. Peter missed it because he put his eyes on something else (Matthew 14:24)

c. Abraham put his eyes on the starts & the sand and not on their bodies-Rom 4:19

4. 4) Speak the Word only – Guard your mouth

a. Prov 4:24-Put away talk that’s contrary to the Word-seed that you want to harvest

b. Joshua 1:8 – Fix your mouth on this word

c. We call things that be not as though they are to sow the seed that may be not. When you say what is you’re just establishing and developing your belief in what is (Romans 4:17)

1) When you talk the problem you are developing your belief in the problem

E. APPLICATION: Do not allow word-seeds to continually travel down the paths of your eyes and ears that you do not want to see come to pass in your life. Guard your heart with all that you have because who’s ever words are dominating the production center is determining what’s being produced.