The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Keeping The Love Command – Part 2

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: We cannot walk in the deception that we have arrived where this commandment of love is concerned. Keeping this commandment is a whole lot more than just being a “good Christian.” The enemy has gotten us to neglect this commandment in our deception that we got it when in reality, we have lacked true understanding of what “IT” is. Consequently, the body of Christ, in general has been a lot of form, with little to no power.

I. What’s on the line here?

A. The Word can’t work for you

B. A life full of form, but no results

C. Being oppressed and overpowered by the devil

II. Loving the Lord with all of your heart

A. Your heart is the ground and words are seeds (Mark 4:14-15)

1. We want to sow only the Word of God in your hearts

B. The things that are being brought forth in your life are coming from the deposits that you’ve made into your heart (Matthew 12:33-37)

1. Whatever you put in your heart whether it be good or bad will manifest in your life

2. A man is bringing forth the things, not Satan, not God

a. God is the healer and he provided healing in seed form, but if healing is going to be brought forth in your life, according to Jesus you’re going to have to sow healing in your heart in seed form

b. 2 Pet 1:4-Ur bringing forth his divine nature in ur life through the seed of his word

3. Adam was supposed to guard his garden (Genesis 2:15)

a. Satan’s first step in bringing forth something evil was that he released word seeds towards the ground of their hearts

b. One of Eve’s problems was she didn’t know what God said; If you don’t know what God said, you might allow something to get in there that isn’t what he said

c. Satan’s speaks words and that were directly opposite to what God said

C. To love God with all of our hearts, we need to guard our above all keeping (Pr 4:20-25)

1. Things get into your heart through your eyes, your ears, & by coming out of ur mouth

2. You guard your heart by: 1) Pay attention to his words 2) Give your ear to his words 3) Look at them all the time 4) Put away talk that doesn’t line up with God’s Words

3. You love God with of you heart by guarding your heart from evil seeds and then taking the time to sow the Word in there

a. In a sense you stand outside your heart and you don’t allow ANYTHING that opposes his word to get in there

b. Gal 3:13-Anything that Jesus redeemed from, you got no business w/ it in your life

III. Loving the Lord with all of your mind

A. When u are loving God with all of ur mind u are thinking on His Word only His-2 Cor 10:3

1. To love God with all your mind is to cast down every thought that opposes His Word

a. You don’t cast down thoughts with thoughts you cast down thoughts with words

b. When you take a thought that doesn’t line up with His Word you just violated the first commandment

2. If you’re worrying then you’re in violation of the commandment of love (Phili 4:6-8)

a. You make a decision to think the Word (I will not think that; I will to think on this )

b. Be rough w/ wrong thoughts; Put pressure on thoughts until they are destroyed

B. To love God with all of your mind is 2 renew your mind to line up with his word-Rom 12:1

1. Casting down imaginations is the process that you go through in renewing your mind – You say something different, to think something different, until you don’t have to say something different to think something different any more

2. However I think right now could be wrong, and God’s word is right, so no matter what I think, I’m changing it to line up with what he thinks.

a. You got to make the decision to conform your lifestyle to fit this Word, instead of trying to confirm this Word to fit your lifestyle

IV. Love the Lord your God with all of your will

A. To love God with all of your will is to love God with every choice that you make-Jn 14:15

1. The deciding factor for the decisions that you make is no longer how is this going to make me feel, but the basis for every decision that you make is, “Does this minister love to the Father?”

a. I might not “feel” like doing it, but “Does it minister love to the Father?”

B. The greatest love statement that ever came from the lips of man (Mt 26:36-41, Lk 22:44)

1. The pressure was on him to think something different, say something different, and do something different than what God said. He resisted to the point that blood starts dripping like sweat would from his pours. And then the greatest statement of love that has ever fallen from the lips of man comes pouring out of him

a. I firmly believe he was up there confessing this commandment

b. When pressure was put on him, what was in him came roaring out of him-Love

C. He swore to his own hurt before he violated that commandment (Ps 15)

1. I don’t care how much pressure is on me and I don’t care if blood drips from my pours, I’ll love God with every thought that I chose to think, every word that I choose to speak, and every action that I choose to make

D. To love God with all your will is to love him with every word that you chose to speak

1. No matter how much pressure is on me I choose to say what God has told me to say (Romans 14:23, Ephesians 4:29, James 3:14, Romans 4:17 – Speak the Word)

V. Love the Lord your God with all of your emotions

A. Loving God with all of your emotions is controlling your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you (Ephesians 4:26)

B. Anger doesn’t move into the action of sin-Answer anger w/ the love of God

VI. Love the Lord your God with all of your might or resources (Deut 6:5, Mk 12:29, Lk 10:27)

A. 1) All of your time 2) All of your money

VII. Loving your neighbor

A. Our ability to love people is limited to the revelation and/or the consciousness that we have of God’s love for us (John 13:34)

1. If you don’t know the way that he loved you, then you cannot love others that way

a. Your love for others will not go any further than the revelation or consciousness of the Father’s love that you have in your life

2. We all know that God loves us, but the revelation of the way He loves us has not been on the forefront of our minds, consequently we have been falling short in ministering that love to others

a. You got to ask yourself all the time, “How does and how did God love me?” and then extend that same love towards others

B. Let’s remind ourselves of how God loves us and then love others with that kind of love

1. His love for u doesn’t begin w/ ur obedience & end w/ your disobedience-Rom 5:6

2. His love for you is exceedingly patient (Psalm 86:15)

3. His love for you is quick to forgive (Colossians 3:13)

C. God’s extended His love towards & we are obligated to extend that same love towards others (1 John 4:19-20, 11)

1. I love Him, I keep His commandments, or I love u b/c-THIS IS WHY-He first loved me

a. I don’t love u b/c I feel like loving u; I love u b/c I know how patient he was w/ me; I know how much he put up w/; I know how much mercy he showed & how much grace he showed me & that’s why I love u

2. The way that you begin to exercise love towards others is you develop a consciousness of the Father’s love for you

a. I owe u love if u don’t deserve it, b/c I was shown love when I didn’t deserve it

b. Matthew 18:22-35 – There is a spiritual law here that says whatever grace and love is granted to you by the Father, you are required to grant that same grace and that same love towards other people