The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

What Is Zoe?

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: Zoe is the life force of God that expels all darkness.  It’s the power source that works to produce days of Heaven on the Earth.  As believers if we want to walk in God’s best then we have to activated & release this spiritual force called zoe into our lives

I.      The commandment of love will manifest days of Heaven on the Earth (Deut 11:13-23)

A.    God has had Heaven on the Earth on his mind from the beginning (Gen 1:26, 2:7-8)

1.      He created man w/ an assignment to fill this Earth up with the Garden of Eden

a.    He didn’t create man and put him outside of the Garden where there was poverty & lack; he created man and put him in abundance/heaven on the Earth

2.      Numbers 14:21-22-The whole Earth is going to be filled with His glory

a.    John 1:14-The glory of God is the word of God, the goodness of God manifested in physical realm

b.    Isaiah 51:1-3 – God’s got that Garden on His mind

3.      Matthew 6:10-Jesus says pray for Heaven on the Earth

4.      2 Corinthians 9:8-This grace of God will cause you to always have, more than enough, no matter what the needs is; That’s the garden

B.     God never intended for you to live in lack one day of your life and that’s why He gave you this commandment of love, because it will take you to this place

1.      Love is the law of abundance

a.    A law is something that will produce the same results every time all the time when the principles of it are applied

1)       You can’t apply the principles of a law & get inconsistent results

b.    A law is something that has a predictable outcome

1)       If a person abides by certain principles there is a predetermined outcome

2.      When u commit to the com of love abundance is the predetermined outcome

a.    It’s already been determined by God that people who walk in love will see abundance in their lives

II.     There is a source of power available to us that will completely crowd out all evil and manifest Heaven on the Earth and it’s called zoe or the life force of God

A.    Zoe is the force that darkness has no answer for; it’s the force that evil cannot overcome  (John 1:1-5)

1.      Zoe is the light of men (Light – Firelight)

a.    Comprehend – overtake, find, perceive, apprehend, come upon, take

1)       Darkness cannot overtake light/zoe/life

2.      Zoe is the light, the life-force that crowds out all evil

a.    It’s the healing power of God that removes all sickness, it’s the providing power of God that removes all lack, it’s the protecting power of God that keeps out all destruction, it’s the life of God that removes all death

1)       Sickness is darkness and it can’t overtake this zoe

2)       Poverty is darkness and it can’t overtake this zoe

3)       Depression is darkness and it can’t overtake this zoe

3.      When light/life/zoe shows up it expels darkness (Romans 5:12 KJ/AMP)

a.    Where sin tried to abound it was no match for grace

1)       Where death tries to abound it’s no match for life, where darkness tries to abound it’s not match for light

b.    The power of Satan is no match for the power of God (Religion has taught us to think that the devil is more powerful)

1)       Death is not the most powerful force in the Earth, life is

2)       Death can’t come until life leaves; darkness can’t come until light leaves

c.     Against it’s own will, when zoe shows up darkness leaves (Phil 2:9-10)

1)       Darkness can’t refuse to leave

4.      If this zoe is the light that darkness can’t overtake we need to be harvesting it

B.     Life Vs. Death

1.      Death is not just physical death.  Death is that force of darkness that produces the curse in the lives of believers (Genesis 2:17)

a.    All sickness, all lack, all poverty, all of the curse is just the result of the spiritual force of death working in your life

2.      When zoe shows up all death lives

a.    All healing, all prosperity, all wealth, all health, all victory is the result of the spiritual force called zoe working in your life

3.      Zoe – The God-kind of life, the life of God, life that is filled with vitality, unrivaled life, unequaled life, matchless, richly loaded, overflowing, supernatural, self-sustaining life, the thing that makes God, God

III.   Zoe in action

A.    Jn 8:12, 58-59-Death came, but it couldn’t crowd zoe out, it couldn’t overtake zoe

1.      John 11:1-17,21-27,39,43

a.    4-The sickness will not end in death, but in the glory of God

b.    6-When you got the life of God in you, you’re not in a hurry

c.     9-Jesus was telling them I’m walking in light/zoe and they can’t touch me

1)       Philippians 2:8 – He had to submit to death before it could come on him, he had to turn zoe off and he did it by taking your sin

d.    11-I don’t care how many days he’s been dead, I am the resurrection

e.    40-The glory of God is the goodness of God manifested

2.      Zoe showed and death said, it’s time to go

B.     Zoe is what was flowing out of Peter when his shadow was touching those people and they were getting healed (Acts 5:15-20)

1.      That was the life force of God flowing out of a man that was removing all sickness (Why?  When light, came on the seen darkness could not stay)

2.      They got thrown in prison and the angel of the Lord came and got them out and tell the people all the words of this zoe that you’ve been experiencing

a.    Darkness can’t apprehend light

C.    Acts 12:1-10-That’s zoe working man and the darkness of death had no answer for it

1.      Didn’t look like peter was in fear to me; He’s going to be killed a matter of days and He’s laying on the floor sleeping (He was probably meditating on Psalm 127:2)

D.    Mark 5:25-30-Zoe is what was flowing out of Jesus when that women touched the hem of his garment and he was made whole

1.      Virtue has left me Jesus said; Power, life, light, zoe has left me

2.      There’s no power in the garment, the power came out of the man & it was zoe

3.      Mark 5:38-43-Life came and death had to leave

E.     Matt 14:15-Zoe is what Jesus released on to that 2 pieces of fish & 5 loves of bread

1.      Philippians 2:16 – Jesus spoke the Word of Life over that which was not enough and the life force called zoe removed all lack

IV.   As believers we got zoe deposited on the inside of us when we got born again

A.    We have authority over darkness and it’s in us (John 3:15-16, 5:24, 6:40, 47, 20:31)

1.      When you made Jesus the Lord of your life and got born again the two-edged sword of God’s Word cut your spirit from shoulder to hip and emptied you of that spiritual death and imparted life/zoe on the inside of you

B.     You can be born again w/ zoe in u & harvest the force of death & it’s results in your life

V.    His commandment is life ever lasting (John 12:50)

A.    Your prosperity is in there, your healing is in there, your victory is in there, your deliverance is in that commandment of love

1.      When you keep his commandments and walk in the love of God zoe himself will manifest unto you (John 14:21)

2.      When you sow to the spirit by walking in love you reap life everlasting

B.     Love is the Law of Abundance b/c it activates the force that produces abundance

1.      The commandment of love is prosperity

C.    Days of Heaven on the Earth come to the people who walk in love & manifest zoe