The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Manifesting Zoe

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: As believers we all have zoe imparted into our spirits, but as a whole the church has not been manifesting zoe the way we can. Zoe is in us, but w/o walking in the love of God it will never manifest out of us & we will never see the results of it.

I. As believers we got zoe deposited on the inside of us when we got born again

A. We have authority over darkness and it’s in us

1. John 3:15-16, 5:24, 6:40, 47, 20:31 – For years and years we thought John 3:16 was a scripture that only takes care of you on the other side of eternity and we’ve completely missed out on what it offers on this side

a. If you believe in him that eternal life force is in you; that life force that darkness cannot comprehend

b. The day that you got born again, you got everything that you would ever need to not only get to Heaven, but to have Heaven on the Earth

2. When you made Jesus the Lord of your life and got born again the two-edged sword of God’s Word cut your spirit from shoulder to hip and emptied you of that spiritual death and imparted life/zoe on the inside of you (Romans 2:29)

B. There’s a difference in having zoe and harvesting zoe. There’s many people who have it, but won’t ever see it work in their lives until they go to Heaven

1. You don’t do things to earn eternal life; it’s by grace (Romans 6:23)

a. Once u receive Jesus as ur Lord, it’s in u & won’t leave unless u reject his Lordship

2. However, if you are going to manifest that life force here on the Earth, then there are certain things that must be done

a. U can b born-again w/ zoe in u, & harvest the force of death & it’s results in ur life

C. The force of death

1. Zoe is a life force that crowds out all evil and darkness with everything that is good

a. Healing, prosperity, joy, peace, victory are all manifestations lf life working

2. Death is the force that works to manifest the curse in the lives of believers

a. Sickness, disease, lack, depression, defeat are all manifestation of death working

3. Romans 5:12 – Death came into the world by sin

a. Romans 6:22 – He wrote that to the church

b. If you spend anytime at all in disobedience to the commandment of love and don’t repent of it, you’ve activated that death force

II. Love is the pathway that will lead you back to the Garden of Eden

A. Jesus came 2 take mankind back to the place they were before Adam sinned-Gal 3:13

1. Jesus came to acquire us out of the curse and take us back to that place where we were redeemed from the curse – That place is the Garden of Eden

a. Re – To go back

b. Redeem – To acquire out of, to bring forth, to bring out of

c. There was a time when man was deemed/ free and Jesus is going to re free you

2. He cut a pathway that will lead us back there, but we have to walk down that path and that pathway is the way of love (Matthew 7:13-14, Isaiah 43:18-19)

B. Love is the law of abundance

1. When u commit to the love command abundance is the predetermined outcome

a. People who release the law of love activate the law of abundance and will see days of Heaven on the Earth

2. Romans 10:8 – The law of salvation

a. At that moment when you got saved if all of hell could have stopped you from getting saved, they would have killed u on the spot and did it, but they couldn’t.

b. They can’t stop from seeing abundance when you commit to the law of love.

C. Mark 10:17 – What do I have to do to inherit zoe?

1. Luke 10:25 – Same question, Same answer

a. The lawyer was tempting Jesus and Jesus knew it, so he gave him little to no time

1) Do the commandment of love and you’ll zoe

b. The rich young ruler fell on his face and was greatly desiring with all of his heart to walk in zoe and Jesus knew it, so He was going to show this guy specifically where he is missing it where the commandment of love is concerned

1) The one thing that he lacked was he was missing it where the commandment of love was concerned (Deuteronomy 6:5)

a) The rich young ruler didn’t love God with all of his might (resources)

2. He was in direct violation to the commandment of love and didn’t even know it

a. That’s the danger of not having this commandment are the front of your mind

1) Something was blocking zoe and Jesus showed him what it was

b. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t want this guy to have things, it was that Jesus didn’t want him to trust in his things because by trusting in his things instead of God he would be limited to the abundance that he could walk in

3. Jesus showed them that when you walk in obedience to the command of love zoe will effect you on both sides of eternity

a. You give him your life through the commandment of love and the harvest off of that seed is His life/zoe

III. Every born again child of God has this zoe imparted on the inside of them, but only the believers who are keeping the commandment of love are manifesting zoe in their lives

A. You have zoe in you, but you have to take the necessary steps to make the withdraw

1. Once you get born again you never lose zoe, but through disobedience you stop the manifestation of it in your life

B. To reap zoe we have to work the principle of seedtime and harvest (Galatians 6:7-9)

1. Sowing to the flesh is sowing towards a lifestyle that is in opposition to the word of God and in opposition to the love of God (John 6:63)

a. When you sow seeds of violating the commandment of love you will reap corruption (James 3:16)

1) Corruption – Destruction, perishable, depravity

2) You can be born again & living in hell on the Earth b/c u are sowing towards it

b. Romans 6:22 – The wages of sin is that death force working

2. Sowing to the spirit is sowing to the love of God

a. I’m sowing towards loving God w/ all my heart; I’m sowing towards loving God w/ all my mind; I’m sowing towards loving God with all my will; I’m sowing towards loving God with all my emotions; I’m sowing towards loving God with all of my strength; I’m sowing towards loving my neighbor the way my father loves me

b. Every time you sow towards the command of love you are releasing a seed that will manifest zoe

3. Don’t get weary in keeping the command of love (John 14:9-10)

a. We have to commit to this long enough to see the results of it

1) I’m sowing to love because I want to reap zoe

2) You can’t walk on the pathway of love and not hit the Garden of Eden

b. I’m rooted and grounded in this, I’m committed to this (Ephesians 3:17)

C. You got to believe the love (1 John 4:16)

1. Keeping the commandment of love is the key to seeing zoe manifest i(John 14:6, 21)

2. Zoe will show up in the life of a person who walks in the love of God

IV. The whole idea of the commandment of love is to keep zoe manifesting in your life so that you don’t have to live in darkness and in bondage to the curse

A. His commandment is life everlasting (John 12:50)

1. Your prosperity, your healing your salvation, your victory is in there

B. We have the purpose now of this commandment

1. It’s not so that God can be loved by you or so that God can have love robots; it’s so that you won’t turn that death force on and have to live in hell

C. God’s commanding you to walk back into the garden

1. He gave you this commandment because he has a strong desire to see abundance in your life