The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Love Produces Abundance

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: When love is functioning in your life, it’s working to activate and release zoe. It’s functioning to keep that life force on that removes all evil. When zoe is activated and being released in your life it will produce abundance in every area. When the law of love is released it’s function is to see to it that you live in abundance. – John 12:50

I. To reap zoe we have to sow to the spirit by walking in the love of God (Galatians 6:7-9)

A. When you walk in love you activate and release that zoe force

1. Every time you sow towards the command of love you are releasing a seed that will manifest zoe

2. When u sow love (life, light, God) you reap whatsoever you sow love (life, light, God)

3. When you sow seeds of violating the commandment of love you will reap corruption

a. Romans 6:22 – The wages of sin is that death force working

1) Corruption – perishableness, destruction, depravity

b. What should be untouchable by the devil becomes touchable, when you sow to the flesh

B. You can be born again and living in hell on the Earth because you are sowing towards it (James 3:16)

1. The company that strife keeps ought to tell you something right there about the relationship you should keep with strife

2. Strife and evil works are connected and don’t think that you can live a life of strife and not see the evil works

a. If strife is present you’re going to find every evil work

b. Where is every evil work? It’s down there with the strife. That’s where sickness is, that’s where poverty is, that’s where depression is, that’s where doubt is, that’s where discouragement is; It’s down there with the strife


c. That’s the location of the evil works; down there where envying and strife is

1) Everything that is evil is connected to the violation of the commandment of love

3. EVERY evil work; that sounds like the complete opposite to the Garden of Eden

a. Where love is there is every good work

b. If the release of strife is connected to every evil work, then the release of love must be connected to every good work.

C. Why are the evil works down there with the violation of the commandment of love?

1. At that moment when you violate the commandment of fear is present (1 John 4:18)

2. Fear is the activator of the force of death (Romans 6:22)

a. When you violated the commandment of love you turned that death force on (1 John 3:14)

b. Matthew 5:22-23

3. Fear is the connector to the oppression (Isaiah 54:14)

a. Where fear/violation of the commandment of love is that death force is activated and works to manifest oppression

4. Perfected love will throw the fear out, the death out, the oppression, the sickness out, the poverty out, the depression out (1 John 4:18)

a. John 12:50 – That’s why this commandment is life ever lasting

D. You got to believe the love (1 John 4:16)

1. You got to believe that this commandment of love is going to throw fear out, throw oppression out, throw poverty out, and throw sickness out.

2. You got to believe that one step outside of this is one step into every evil work.

3. You got to believe that this commandment is life everlasting and then continue in it.

a. Don’t get weary in keeping the command of love (John 14:9-10)

1) We have to commit to this long enough to see the results of it (Ephesians 3:17)

2) You can’t walk on the pathway of love and not hit the Garden of Eden

b. Keeping the commandment of love is the key to seeing zoe manifest in your life (John 14:6, 21)

II. The purpose for the commandment of love is not to keep you from having fun, but is to keep you from activating that death force and experiencing hell on the Earth.

A. Religion has given us the idea that God gives us commandments to usurp authority over us and let us know who’s in charge

1. Love commanded this; Compassion Himself commanded this

a. God does not have one bit of selfishness in his being

2. This commandment is not about Him, it’s about us because love is not selfish

a. Commandments of God have never been about him

b. Why do you give your kids instructions?

c. These commandments aren’t there to challenge us nor or they there to give God a reason to slap us when we mess up

3. God’s commandments are not grievous (1 John 5)

a. There’s no loss associated with keeping this commandment of love

B. God is the creator of life and he knows how to get the most out of life

1. His commandments are love letters from Heaven, telling us what to do so that we can enjoy life on the Highest level

a. EXAMPLE: The manufacture of a product always prints up a manual instructing the buyer to do things so that the buyer can get the most out of that product.

1) The manual was not created to benefit the manufacturer. When you do what the manual says the only benefit that manufacturer gets is you will absolutely get the highest performance out of that product, and others might see it and buy it

2. God gave us commandments because inside the boundaries of those commandments we are able to experience life on the Highest level the way that He intended for us to

a. God’s stuck on that garden and on Heaven on the Earth

1) They are the boundaries that God gave us telling us to stay in here where faith works, where healing is, where prosperity is, where protection is, where victory is

b. Outside that boundary is where that force of death works

1) God’s not against you having a good time, He’s against you activating that death force and living in oppression the Earth

3. It wasn’t the Lord cursing the children of Israel because they didn’t do what He said; it was the children of Israel walking outside of that boundary of obedience where the curse was and of course it came on them

a. The was no permissive word in the Hebrew; God allowed them to do what they wanted (Deuteronomy 30:19 – It was their choice)

1) God will protect your decision to go to hell, if that’s what you want to do

C. The whole idea of the commandment of love is to keep zoe manifesting in your life so that you don’t have to live in darkness and in bondage to the curse

1. God gave us this commandment because He knew it would lead us back into the Garden of Eden

a. Your prosperity is in there, your healing is in there, your salvation is in there, your victory is in there

2. We have the purpose now of this commandment

a. It’s not so that God can be loved by you or so that God can have love robots; it’s so that you won’t turn that death force on and have to live in hell

3. God’s commanding you to walk back into the garden

a. He gave you this commandment because he has a strong desire to see abundance in your life

4. This commandment is literally in way is the same thing He said to Adam in Genesis 1 – He’s commanding you to walk love, be fruitful, multiply increase and flourish

III. When you get in disobedience to the commandment of love there is a resistance to the abundant life that comes out of you

A. Violation of the commandment of love puts you in a place of resistance to the abundant life (healing, prosperity, victory)

1. Sin in your life puts you out of line with the law of abundance and resists it

2. Mark 10:17 – The rich young ruler got in disobedience to the commandment of love and resisted the very thing that he fell on his knees telling Jesus he wanted so badly.

a. Because he was in violation of the commandment of love he was in a place of resistance to the thing he desired

b. He was in resistance to the thing that he was on his knees begging for, because he was in resistance to the law that would produce it

B. When you resist the commandment of love you resist everything that hangs off of it

1. You begin to resist faith, peace, joy, prosperity, healing, the anointing, the blessing, victory

a. Love is connected to your healing, your prosperity, the anointing, the blessing, joy, peace, zoe, victory and when you rejected love you rejected and resisted all of these things

1) You can’t be for healing and against the law that healing depends on, you can’t be for prosperity and against the law that prosperity depends on

2. In General the Body of Christ has resisted the love and then wondered why they can’t get healed, prosper, or be victorious

a. Love is life, Love is light, Love is the Word, Love is God

b. When you refuse to love, you’re in resistance to life, you’re in resistance to light, you’re in resistance to the Word, and you’re in resistance to God

C. If God is love and he is, and if we are born of love and we are, and if we sprung off of God and we did, then our recreated spirit is love

1. So to walk in violation to the commandment of love and be disobedient to it is to oppose yourself and sow towards your own destruction

2. You’re opposing everything that’s good for you and receive the bad

3. When you oppose love you oppose yourself (2 Timothy 2:25)

D. When you resist the commandment of love, you resist healing and receive sickness, resist prosperity and receive poverty, resist victory and receive defeat (James 3:16)

1. The law of strife produces every evil work – Hell on the Earth

2. When you resist that commandment of love and get over into an area of unrepented sin, that death force is working

IV. Choosing the zoe abundant life by choosing the commandment of love (Deuteronomy 30:19)

A. Walking in the commandment of love is an act of your will – I will to keep this commandment

1. If you want to experience the best life and get the most out of life the formula for that is simple: Follow God’s instructions by walking in the love of God

2. This is a decision of faith not based on how I feel, but based on the fact that it’s a commandment

a. The flesh will try to complicate things with feelings, the spirit will simplify with faith

B. You can’t chose life without choosing love

1. You choose life, and you choose blessing by choosing the commandment of love

2. I choose the commandment of today – I choose to love God with all of my heart, I choose to love God with every thought that I think, I chose to love God with every decision that I make, I chose to love God with all of my emotions, I choose to love God with all of my time and money, I choose to extend the same love, the same mercy, and the same grace to my neighbor that my Father has extended towards me