The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Built-In Abundance

I. Abundance is wrapped up in obedience to the commandment of love (Deuteronomy 11:23)

A. There’s abundance in there and as a believer when you begin to live out this commandment, your obedience to it will lead you right to the abundant life

II. Loving the Lord with all of your heart is the one component in the abundant life

A. Your heart is the ground and words are seeds (Mark 4:14-15)

1. We want to sow only the Word of God in your hearts

B. The things in your life are coming  from the deposits that you’ve made into your heart (Matthew 12:33-37)

1. Whatever you put in your heart whether it be good or bad will manifest in your life

a. If you make good deposits into the ground, you are going to harvest good things

2. If you make Word of God seed deposits into your heart, you are going manifest Word of God harvests in your life

C. To love God with all of our hearts, we need to guard our hearts and keep our hearts above all keeping (Proverbs 4:23)

1. Why? Because the things in our lives are coming from our hearts

2. Things get into your heart through your eyes, your ears, and by coming out of your mouth

a. We need to only look at, listen to and speak the Word of God seed because the word seeds that we look at, listen to, and speak will get down into our hearts and manifest in our lives

D. The command God is giving us is to love him with all of our hearts – How? (Proverbs 4:20-25)

1. Attend, pay attention, and give heed to only his words

2. Listen to his words

3. Look at them all the time

4. Put way a froward mouth, put away talk that doesn’t line up with His talk

E. You love God with of you hearts by taking the seed of his word and only allowing it to be sown into your hearts

1. In sense you stand outside your heart and you don’t allow ANYTHING that opposes his word to get in there

a. This is what Adam should have done (Genesis 2:15)

2. There’s abundance wrapped up in that because if you’re only sowing the seed His word in there and you’re only harvesting the seed of His Word in your life – That’s abundance

III. Loving the Lord with all of your mind is another component in the abundant life

A. When you are loving God with all of your mind you are thinking on His Word and only His Word (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

1. To love God with all of your mind is to think on the things that He told you to think on (Philippians 4:8)

a. He told you to think on what’s pure, lovely, just, true, honest, and of a good report and if it doesn’t fall into that category then you don’t think it

2. To love God with all of your mind is to cast down every thought that comes into your head that opposes the knowledge of God/the Word/Love

a. You don’t cast down thoughts with thoughts you cast down thoughts with words

3. You can’t be loving God with all of your mind and be worrying at the same time

a. If you’re worrying then what your thinking on is not lovely, pure, just, true, honest, or of a good report, you’re in violation of the commandment of love, faith isn’t working, the word isn’t working, the anointing isn’t working, peace isn’t working, so you’d better take that thought and bring it into captivity to the obedience of Christ

B. To love God with all of your mind is to renew your mind to line up with his word (Romans 12:1-3)

1. Casting down imaginations is the process that you go through in renewing your mind

a. You say something different, to think something different, until you don’t have to say something different to think something different any more

2. However I think right now could be wrong, and God’s word is right, so no matter what I think, I’m changing it to line up with what he thinks.

C. Thoughts determine ways, ways determine destinations (Isaiah 55:8-11, Romans 8:5)

1. If you’re only giving your thoughts to the Word, then you’re only walking the way of the Word, and you’ll get to the destination that the word has promised for you – That’s abundance

2. Proverbs 23:9 – As a man thinks in his heart so is he

IV. Love is going to take every spiritual force that God’s given you and cause it to operate on the highest level (Matthew 22:36-40, 1Corinthians 13:11)

A. Love elevates faith

1. 1 John 5:4

2. Mark 11:23

B. Love elevates peace

1. Philippians 4:8

2. 1 Peter 5:6-8

C. Love elevates joy

1. Nehemiah 8:10

2. John 16:22

3. 1 Peter 1:8

D. Love elevates the anointing

1. Isaiah 10:27

E. Love elevates the blessing

1. Proverbs 10:22

F. The love is activator – It’s working in me right now

1. Do this it’s going to take faith to a place that it moves mountains.  It’s going to take joy to a place that it’s unspeakable and full of glory.  It’s going to take peace to a place where it passes all understanding.  It’s going to take the anointing to a place that it removes burdens and destroys yokes.  It’s going to take the blessing to a place that it makes you rich.  Daddy loves you.  I’m going to give you my love so that you can do this.  Now if you get to a place where you disobey me in this, don’t run from me, run to me, tell me about it, repent of it, and stay right here in what I’ve told you do.  I got something good for you.