The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

The Anointing Connector

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: It is a lifestyle of love and faith that will lead us to a life that is far from oppression. It’s when we violate that lifestyle of love and faith that the anointing stops working and the oppression begins. – Galatians 5:6

I. If victory is ever going to manifest in your life, the anointing of God is a must

A. The anointing of God is the power of God

1. The anointing of God is the power of God that will remove the burdens and destroy the yokes (Isaiah 10:27)

2. The anointing of God is God rubbing His “super” on your “natural” making you supernatural

a. You are not natural having a spiritual experience, you are spirit having a natural experience

3. The anointing is an enabler

a. The anointing is what’s necessary for you to live free from oppression

b. Natural ability is not enough to live the kind of life that God wants you to live

B. The anointing is what keeps you from being overpowered and oppressed by the devil. (Acts 10:38)

1. Without the anointing operating in your life you will be oppressed

a. When the anointing is present oppression can’t stay

2. Jesus carried the anointing and consequently everywhere he went oppression left

a. Matthew 14 – When the anointing showed up to oppression of lack left

b. Mark 5 – Oppression for twelve years, but when the anointing showed up the oppression left

c. Mark 5 – When the anointing showed up the oppression of sickness and death left

C. Satan is the anti anointing (1 John 4:3)

1. Christ – Anointed One, Messiah, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Word Messiah which means anointed one, refers to pouring or smearing sacred oil on a person in a ceremony of dedication, symbolizing divine empowering to accomplish the task

a. Christ is the English term for the Greek (khristos) meaning “the anointed.” Khristos was used to translate the Hebrew (Mašíaḥ,) (messiah), meaning “[one who is] anointed.” Khristos in classical Greek usage could mean covered in oil, and is thus a literal translation of messiah.

b. Christen > To baptize > To submerge

c. The anointing removes the burden and destroys the yoke

2. He is against the anointing

a. He has to stop that anointing because where the anointing is working, he can’t oppress

b. He can’t come into a place where the anointing is working and just overpower it

1) He main focus to disrupt the process that activates the anointing and to stop the operation of so that he can come in and oppress

D. What’s the process that activates the anointing? (Galatians 5:6)

1. When we are living a lifestyle standing uncompromisingly on the commandment of love and uncompromisingly on the Word of God, that’s when we’ll operate in the anointing of God

a. The power is in a lifestyle of love and faith

2. His main focus is to come in disrupt this lifestyle of love and faith

II. Faith is the connector to the anointing of God or the power of God.

A. You escape corruption and become a partaker of his divine nature through these precious promises (2 Peter 1:3-4)

1. The power of God will produce nothing missing and nothing broken in your life

B. The power/anointing is only available to the people who believe (Romans 1:16, Ephesians 1:19, John 20:29)

1. The power of God/the anointing of God is accessed by faith

2. EXAMPLE: The power company is the source of your power. The power that it provides can light your house, heat your house, turn your TV on, and it can do much more. That power called electricity is capable of doing all these things. But if your house isn’t connected to the power company through power lines you have no access to that power. Now the power company has the ability to do all those things for you through electricity, but without a connection you can’t benefit from any of those things.

3. Faith is the power line through which the anointing (electricity) can flow and hit your life. The power on the Word of God travels through faith to your life and will manifest change where nothing his missing and nothing is broken.

C. People who lack faith will never access the anointing of God

1. Matthew 13:53-58 – Jesus was the anointing, but he had no channel of faith to flow through because of their unbelief

2. Mark 5 – The woman with the issue of blood connected to the power by faith. The anointing of God flowed through her faith an hit her physical body – Virtue left me

D. Faith is talking, living, thinking, and acting like the Word of God is true, and so in spite of circumstances and situations that may be saying otherwise

1. Is this true? 1 Peter 2:24, 2 Corinthians 8:9, Romans 6:22, Romans 8:37

III. Love’s function is to empower faith so that faith can then function to connect to the anointing, and the anointing will remove the burden, destroy the yoke, and produce victory in your life

A. Love empowers faith and causes it to work (Galatians 5:6)

1. If love is absent then faith can’t work

a. Matthew 22:36-40 – If you live your life in constant violation of the commandment of love faith can’t work, you can’t connect to the anointing and you’ll be stuck where you are at your whole life

2. Love purifies your faith and gets rid of all the things that try to contaminate it

a. Fear tolerated or violation of this commandment tolerated is faith contaminated

b. When your faith is contaminated it becomes diluted and loses it’s strength and it cannot connect to the anointing

B. The power for the believer and available to the believer can be found and connected to when faith is working by love

IV. Satan’s whole purpose is to disrupt this lifestyle of love and faith, get you into fear so that he can stop the flow of the anointing in your life and oppress you

A. The lifestyle of love and faith is one that is far from oppression

1. John 17:14-18

2. Isaiah 54:14 – Fear then becomes the access card that grants Satan access into your life to oppress you

a. Fear works to stop the anointing

b. FAR from oppression

c. No weapon formed against you prospers

3. Psalm 91

a. 1-Dwelling in the Love of God-1 John 4:16

b. 2-I will say and in him I will trust-Faith

c. 3-4-Surely he will, He will-Faith

1) There’s no tormented worry and care in this

d. 5-You shall not fear-Love

e. 7-It will not come NEAR me-Faith

f. 10-There in the secret place of the most high where I’m trusting – In a lifestyle of love and faith

1) No evil and No plague will come NEAR me-Faith

g. 14-He set his love on me-On purpose

h. 15-New Testament-I am delivered, He is with me

B. James 3:14 – Every evil work can be where strife is because where strife is the lifestyle of love and faith has been disrupted and there is no anointing

1. Every temptation is to get you out of the lifestyle of love and faith because Satan knows that’s where your anointing is

C. Love and faith is the zone called victory all of the time (1 John 5:18)

V. A lifestyle of Love and Faith accessing the anointing (Matthew 14:24)

A. You got to have the Word (Romans 1:16)

B. You got to connect to that power by faith (Hebrews 4:2)

C. You got to walk in love

1. I know Peter was walking in love at first, because his faith worked to connect him to the anointing and he was getting results, walking on that water

a. A step into fear is a step out of love a step out of love is a step into failing faith (1 John 4:18)

2. When Peter violated the commandment of love and got over into fear, is faith stopped working, he was no longer connected to the anointing and he failed (Matthew 14:24)

a. He violated the commandment of love by:

1) He didn’t guard his heart

2) He was attending to the problem

3) He chose to look at the wrong thing

D. Jairus was in the same predicament (Luke 8:50)

1. This is an impossible situation in the natural that is going to require the anointing to be accomplished

2. Jesus is the anointed one who is carrying the anointing

a. He reveals to Jairus the protocol necessary for the anointing to function to accomplish the task at hand

b. The anointing can only operate on the platform called faith working by love