The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Resting In Love & Faith

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: When you enter into the rest of love and faith you activate spiritual things in your life. It’s when you get out of love and faith and into fear, that you contaminate the whole system. Our job is to fear not and believe only. God has set the system up in a way that when we do that the rest is taken CARE of. – Hebrews 4

I. Everything that you could ever need, want, or desire on this Earth was already bought, paid for, and struggled for by Jesus on the cross at Calvary. It’s our job to enter into the rest of love and faith and receive it. (Romans 8:32)

A. You don’t have to work or toil (tormented struggle) to earn what God has provided.

1. As believers we have to get out of the tormented struggle of, “How is this going to happen or How am I going to make this happen?”

a. Don’t struggle to get what has already been struggled for, just receive it

2. You can’t do anything to earn grace, but you do have to receive grace (Ephesians 2:8-9)

a. The promises of God are obviously ours because of the grace of God, but they’re the outcome of faith (Romans 4:16)

3. There’s no struggle, no sweat, and no toil in receiving

a. How hard was it to get saved? It shouldn’t be any harder for you to receive prosperity.

B. We can prosper, increase, & walk in victory without the tormented struggle of toil (Mt 6:28, Pr 10:22)

1. We can enter into the rest of faith and experience sweatless victory

a. Adam didn’t sweat and struggle until after the fall; Jesus came to take me back to the garden (Genesis 3:17, Galatians 3:13)

2. Peter struggled & toiled as an expert fisherman all night and never caught one thing, but when he acted in faith, there was no toil, he just received and because God was providing it (Lk 5:1-9)

3. David defeated Goliath with no sweat, no toil, and no struggle; (1 Samuel 17)

a. Dt 28:7,10,13-It was the simplest thing in the word to him; he just received what God promised

b. David didn’t sweat, struggle, or toil, he shot one rock & swung the sword once

4. The woman with the issue of blood struggled & toiled for 12 years to get healed & only got worse

a. She didn’t do anything, but believe and receive

5. The leper (Luke 17:13); This guy has leprosy and has body part missing, well how is this going to happen? – Not your job. Your job is to fear not, believe only.

II. We labor to enter into love and faith that rests

A. It’s not your job to make this come to pass

1. Luke 8:50 – She will be made whole

2. 1 Peter 5:6 – God’s going to exalt you

3. 2 Corinthians 9:8 – The grace will see to it that you abound

4. Those circumstances have nothing to do with you’re fearing not & believing only – DO YOUR JOB

a. It’s not your job to sit there and try figure out how it’s going to happen; it’s your job to fear not believe only so do your job

b. You’re not called to make this come to pass, you’re called to fear not and believe only

B. My job is to fear not, believe only and enter into the rest of faith (Hebrews 4:1-3, 9-11)

1. You enter into the rest by love and faith (V3)

a. You don’t labor to enter into prosperity, money, the house, the car you labor to enter into the rest of faith you’re already all of those things

b. You’re laboring to enter into the rest of love and faith, that will in turn access the anointing and the anointing will work/labor to see to it that you enter in to that thing

2. You got to work to enter into that place of quietness where the Word of God is concerned, a place free from care and torment

a. You cease from ur own works; quit trying to worry & think about how u can make this happen

b. You shut that running conversation of torment in your mind off and you rest in love and faith

3. Your job/labor now is to enter into the rest of love and faith

a. Do not get out of rest and over into torment and uneasiness and fall after the same example of unbelief (Numbers 13)

b. The farmer sleeps and rises & the harvest came up (Mark 4; He entered into the rest of faith)

C. You can do faith things in the unquietness and uneasiness of fear

1. Job 1:1-5, 3:25-26 – He made sacrifices in fear

a. He was in fear, he had no rest and that brought the trouble on him because he got in a position where he was resisting the goodness of God

1) He was doing the right, but when the motive is fear, it’s the wrong thing

b. I make my confessions of faith in resting, I pray resting

1) Isaiah 28:16 (AMP) – He that’s in faith doesn’t make haste in sudden panic

2. James 3:16 – Violation of the commandment of love will contaminate your faith and lead you to an unquietness of fear

a. Just like Job if a person gets unquiet and uneasy and in worried, anxious, torment, there will be every evil work

1) Isaiah 54:14 – Fear connects you to the oppression

III. When you’re living the lifestyle of love and faith you are activating spiritual forces that will do the work to bring the Word to pass in your life. If I’m resting in love and faith, who’s working to bring this to pass?

A. The Word

1. The Word of God is capable of doing anything God is capable of-Rom1:16,Gen18:14, Num11:23

a. That word is works to produce nothing missing and nothing broken in your life-Garden of Eden

2. Isaiah 55:11 – The word will do the work

3. Hebrews 4:2 – Mix the word with a lifestyle of love and faith

4. When you live a lifestyle of love and faith the Word, which is the power of God, is out there working 24/7 week to produce nothing missing and nothing broken in your life

B. Faith (Luke 17:6-9)

1. Faith will obey you and pluck the tree out; Faith is your servant and it will do the work

a. Your servant faith works by love (Galatians 5:6)

2. Faith is working out there to be the victory that overcomes the world (1 John 5:4)

a. It’s working to override and overpower natural law seeing to it that you come out of this situation more than a conqueror

3. When you’re in love and faith, then faith as your servant is out there working 24/7 to override natural law and be your victory

C. The blessing (Proverbs 10:22)

1. The blessing is out there working to make you rich & manifest the Garden of Eden in of your life

a. Rich = Total life Prosperity

b. The blessing is the empowerment to manifest the Garden of Eden independent of the circumstances that are going on

2. Faith working by love activates THE BLESSING (Jer 17:7-8)

a. You’ll bear fruit in the middle of the drought when the blessing is working

3. When you live the lifestyle of love and faith THE BLESSING is out there working 24/7 to manifest the Garden of Eden in your life

D. Angels (Hebrews 1:14)

1. The angels are sent forth by God to minister to the heirs of salvation; that’s us

a. You are not below an angel; angels are there to serve you

2. The angels excel in strength (Psalm 103:20)

a. Excel – mighty warrior, strong, mighty ones, giant, mightiest, strongest

b. Strength – power, might, ability, often physical strength, ability to accomplish an action,

3. The angels hear and do the voice of God’s word (Psalm 103:20)

a. Not just God’s voice, but the voice of God’s Word

b. When you give voice to God’s word those angels who excel in power hear and do the Word of God that you are speaking

4. When you live a lifestyle of love and faith those angels who are mighty and excel in strength are out there working 24/7

E. The Holy Spirit

1. The Holy Spirit moved upon the face of the waters and when God spoke he worked to bring what God spoke to pass (Genesis 1:2)

F. The Apostle and High Priest of your confession of faith (Hebrews 3:1)

1. Confession (homologia) – To same the same thing that he has already said

a. He is the voice of our confession in Heaven

2. When we put his word in our mouths he is called to see to that his words come to pass when they come out of our mouths

a. He was sent by God and anointed by God to be the High Priest of our profession

b. That’s what he did with Jairus

G. What are you doing? Fearing not, Believing only

IV. How is that going to happen

A. This is going to happen because you live a lifestyle of love and faith and enter into rest, free from torment and fear.

B. When you’re fearing not and believing only the Word that produces nothing missing, nothing broken will goes to work, faith that is the victory that overcomes the world goes to work, the blessing that makes you rich goes to work, the angels that excel in strength go to work, Jesus who is the High Priest of your confession goes to work, and all of those forces are working to manifest what you need in the physical realm as long as you’re fearing not and believing only.

C. It’s when you get out of love and out of faith that you pull the plug on the whole operation.