The study notes in this section are Matthew’s personal outlines and therefore they have not been edited.  As a result, you will find some grammatical errors.

Fearless Faith

FOUNDATION STATEMENT: This care free life is developed through a lifestyle of love and faith-Romans 4:16

I. As believers to access the anointing and live in victory we must walk in fully persuaded faith

A. Faith is designed to be our victory that overcomes the world (1 Jn 5:4)

1. Faith is our ability to override and overpower natural law – When natural law says I can’t faith will make it so I can – Why is that?

2. Faith is the anointing connector its the anointing that enables u to override natural law-Rom 1:16

3. Mark 5 – Jesus said your faith did this, it was your victory that overrode natural law

B. Fully persuaded faith is the only kind of faith that connects to the anointing

1. Fully persuaded faith is an uncompromising stand that the Word of God is true and so in spite of circumstances that maybe saying otherwise. 2 Cor 5:7)

a. It’s an uncompromising stand of faith on 2 Cor 8:9 that’ll access the anointing & make u rich

2. Fully persuaded faith is totally void of care, worry, and doubt

a. Genuine faith is expressed in a lifestyle totally and completely void of care because of your unwavering trust in the Word

b. You can have faith that’s diluted and contaminated with fear and get over into place where you’re discouraged every other day because of what’s not happening – That’s tormented faith and it won’t access the anointing.

3. Fully persuaded faith is faith that has no care because of what God has already spoken (Dan 3)

a. They are working off of Exodus 20:3 and Deuteronomy 28:7

b. We are not careful – we are not tormented with cares, worries, anxieties or doubts

c. He will – There’s no hesitation or contamination here

II. Satan’s job is to contaminate faith with fear (in the form of cares and worries), causing that faith to be diluted, weak, and ineffective in accessing the anointing (1 John 4:16-18)

A. Torment is the thought of punishment or failure

1. It’s that tormenting worrying conversation that goes on in your head – Maybe it’s not working – You’re not going to receive this time – You’re never going to be free from this – You’re always be in debt – How is this going to happen – This is impossible

a. He tries to contaminate your faith with torment. He’s trying to get you into that second guessing, worry-some faith. It’s that tormenting doubt.

b. It’s that thought temptation to pick up the care and worry about this things

2. He can’t just come in and overpower the anointing so he has to get involved in the system that turns it on and muddle it up.

B. The torment came for the sake of stopping the operation of the anointed Word in ur life (Mark 4:17)

1. It came for the sake of the power of the Word of God

2. It came to get you out of love over into fear where faith &the Word can’t work for you-Heb 4:2

3. You aren’t getting this word from me torment and I won’t let go of this Word or this commandment and I don’t care if blood drops from the pores of my skin

C. When torment is present you know fear is there

1. Torment and fear always go together; Torment is fear-based and fear dependent

2. If you get rid of the fear, you’ll get rid of the torment

D. When you recognize torment that’s your evidence that fear is present and if fear is present you’re love isn’t being perfected

1. You overcome torment by releasing faith in the commandment of love and then by releasing faith in the Word of God

a. Faith in the commandment of love is trust that growth and development in it flushes out fear

b. I believe that perfected love gets rid of fear & torment so I confess with my mouth the commandment of love

c. Faith in the word of God then is holding fast to your confession of faith whatever it may be

2. This is the process of fearing not and believing only

E. Fear tolerated or violation of the commandment of love tolerated is faith contaminated (1 Jn 4:18)

1. The moment that you violated the commandment of love fear was there with the torment working to contaminate faith; Fear works to contaminate faith with cares, worries, and doubt

2. Contaminated faith is weak faith that will struggle in it’s ability to access the anointing

F. Make the connection between weak faith and violation of the commandment of love

1. One step out of love is one step into fear and the moment you violate that commandment you run a contamination line to your faith and fear begins to flow into it

2. Faith comes every time you heard the word (Romans 10:17)

a. You spend time in the word and faith comes, but there’s this nagging thing in you saying this isn’t coming to pass. It’s like no matter how much time you spend in the Word, it doesn’t seem like faith is developing the way it should be

b. When you are living in violation to love fear contaminates every bit of that faith comes in

1) It shouldn’t be hard to believe a God who can’t lie

2) EX: You can go down to the gas station and pump your car full of contaminated gas all you want. You don’t need more of that gas, you need gas that’s been purified. (Spending time in the Word with unrepented violations of the commandment of love is like this)

c. You have to hear the Word because that’s how faith comes and you have to live a lifestyle of love because that’s what purifies faith and makes it work

III. Fear tolerated is faith contaminated and contaminated faith won’t access the anointing (Matthew 14)

A. Peter got the Word – it’s the power of God

1. When you get the Word of God on your situation, there is enough power in that word to bring itself to pass in any situation no matter how impossible the situation maybe (Romans 1:16 )

B. Peter steps out in faith – access the anointing on that word

C. Torment came in the form of the wind

1. Torment is coming to contaminate his faith and make that word ineffective in his situation

a. Mark 4:19 – Torment comes to choke the anointed Word

D. Peter violates the commandment of love and contaminates his faith

1. The wind was blowing when he was started walking on the water, but he paid it no attention

2. Peter let fear in because he didn’t love God with all of his heart, all of his mind, or all of his will

E. Fear contaminated his faith and his faith was little/weak faith that couldn’t access the anointing

F. Peter was oppressed; When Peter was living a lifestyle of love & faith he experienced no oppression

IV. Fully Persuaded Faith (Romans 4:16-21 AMP)

A. Faith is the connecting line that the grace of God flows through to manifest the promise in your life

1. Satan’s purpose is 2 contaminate that faith line so that the anointing can’t flow the way it should

B. Natural hope is gone, but Abraham is confidently expecting it was going to come to pass

1. He’s not expecting because what he sees or how he feels, he’s expecting according to, the Word that God spoke to him

2. You’re expecting where there’s no reason to expect because of the Word that God spoke

C. His faith hadn’t been diluted & weakened through cares & that’s why he was able 2 do V18

1. When you add cares to your faith it contaminates it and faith becomes weak

a. EX: Weak lemonade is contaminated with too much water.

b. Weak faith doesn’t access the anointing (James 1:6)

2. He didn’t consider his body or the deadness of Sarah’s womb

a. That would have been adding cares to his faith and it would have weakened his faith

b. We don’t consider the negative circumstances b/c that adds cares to our faith & weakens it

c. Those cares aren’t job, you’re supposed to give those cares to God & fear not & believe only

3. The temptation was there to take the care of how is this going to happen – He didn’t give his mind over to those circumstances, he’s giving his mind over to the word, “So shall your seed be.”

D. Abraham didn’t stagger because his faith wasn’t weak

1. If you’re staggering at the promise of God you got weak faith that’s full of care

2. He was strong in faith, because he wouldn’t add cares to his faith & allow them to dilute his faith

3. He gave thanks to God and as he did his faith got stronger

E. Abraham was fully persuaded and that’s care-free faith

V. There’s only one way to reach that place of care free faith and it’s through the perfected love of God and hearing the word (1 John 4:18)

A. All of that doubt, care, and worry is just fear manifesting itself

1. It’s fear that what God said won’t come to pass

B. Faith does not get rid of doubt, care, or fear; perfected love does

1. Perfected love casts out all fear, not perfected faith

C. Where love is being perfected real faith begins

1. It’s the commitment to the love of God that flushes out all of the fear, all of the worry, and all of the care and when those things are absent you have genuine faith

2. Love purifies faith, it rids if of all fear and cares

a. Love purifies faith to the place of fully persuaded and with no human reason to think what God said is going to come to pass you’ll be expecting with a white-hot expectation that what he said his coming to pass

b. Faith that is purified will connect you to the anointing & be the victory that overpowers this world’s system

D. At the first worried thought, the first doubtful thought, the first fearful thought, that’s the red light on the dashboard that you’d better deal with this right now by going to that commandment of love

1. You go straight to that commandment of love and get on it