Right Living

I refuse to oppose, to disobey, and to take arms against my Master.  I don’t violate what I know in my heart is right.  When I know what’s right I do what’s right no matter what the cost and that moves the power of Heaven in my behalf.  I refuse to be a person who sets their own standard. I live my life the Master’s way.  I live by the standard that my Master has set.  I don’t try to bring that standard down to the level of life that I’m living.  I bring my life up to the level of that standard.  I do not take the Word of God lightly.  I honor, respect, and reverence God’s Word. I refuse to be a person who operates in self-deception.  I don’t lie to myself or others about wrong that I have done.  I am a person of character who seeks truth and speaks truth.  I desire the truth so that I can correct what’s wrong and become more like my master.  I accept responsibility for my life.  I don’t blame my mistakes on others.  I am not afraid of doing what’s right.  There is no loss associated with doing what the Master says.  I receive the correction of God’s Word when it comes.  I refuse to be rebellious.  I set my heart on what’s right and I am steadfast in doing right!