Reverence & Rewards

Lord, I reverence You, I honor You, I respect You, I appreciate You, I defer to You, I stand in awe of You, and I am deeply devoted and committed to You.  Lord, I reverence You and it is the root to my character life.  I do what’s right in Your eyes because I reverence You. Lord, I come to You, I pay attention to You, and I thank You for teaching me to fear You all the days of my life.  I consciously and cautiously watch my words, my thoughts, and my actions with a determined purpose to not do anything that would be irreverent towards You.  I choose the fear of the Lord today and devote myself to it.  The fear of the Lord is my treasure.  I value it and strive towards it.  I remember all the good things that You have done for me Lord and I reverence You. I walk in the fear of the Lord and as a result: 1) I have sweet, satisfying companionship with the Lord. 2) I walk in the goodness of God. 3) The angel of the Lord is encamped round about me.  4)I lack no good thing. 5) God’s glory dwells in my land. 6) God is my help and my shield. 7) My desires are fulfilled.  8) The Lord takes pleasure in me.  9) I have the wisdom of God.  10) My days are prolonged.  11) I have strong confidence.  12) I have abundance and I am untouched by evil. 13) I have riches, honor, and life.