Living Like Jesus

I have received God’s call to character. I do not take that call lightly. I do not accept faults in character and deem them as my personality. Any part of me that’s not like Jesus has to change and get in line with what He’s like. I am ever in the process of changing and becoming more like my Master.  I’m called to be just like Jesus in character.  I talk the way He talks, think the way He thinks, and act the way He acts.  It’s possible for me to be just like my Master in character. I base that not on my ability as the student, but on His ability as my teacher.  I hold myself to the standard of character that my Master walked in.  I bind myself to do only what He did.  Jesus is the standard of perfection that I’m reaching towards.  He is my Master, He is my Savior, and He is my Hero. I strive in faith with every ounce of spiritual energy, to become more like Him every day of my life.  By faith I declare I am just like Jesus in character.  I am a person who does not tolerate or make allowances for character flaws in my life.  I demand excellence out of myself.  I’m not expecting to sin today.  I’m expecting to do right today. I’m expecting to live exactly the way my Master lived.