Character & Protection

I thank You Lord that You are my protector.  I make the connection between the character I operate in, and the protection that I have in my life.  Character watches over me, shields me, and protects me from evil.  I refuse to grant Satan access into my life by having a lack of character. I slam the door on all evil by living a life of character.  I am a person of character and I am not vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. I am a learner and follower of my Master, therefore I am free from evil.  In the character life, I am positioned to receive help from God.  I live a character life, and I am not and will never be, visited with evil.  I live a character life and my days are lengthened. This lifestyle of character is the safe place, it’s the protected place, and it’s the place where evil cannot harm me. I obey my Master, I live a character life, and evil does not come near me.