Character & Prosperity

Lord, I thank You that You are my provider.  I live a character life, and because of it I have great riches in the area of finances.  I dwell in character, and because of it I have an excessive, abounding flow of wealth and prosperity in my life.  I live a character life and because of it I have no lack.  I will not allow lack of character in my life to keep me from the prosperity that Jesus provided for me.  I make character the top priority in my life and it leads me into a life of overflowing prosperity.  I refuse to be a believer who desires the prosperity without character being in place.  I am a character person and that’s why I am a prosperous person.  I declare in faith that my character level is high, the power level of The Blessing is high, and therefore my level of prosperity is high. The Blessing power of God is working in me, on me, and all around me in response to my character.  The power of that Blessing has made me abundantly rich in every good area of my life.  I make the connection today between my character and my prosperity and I am a character person who is abundantly prosperous.