A Life Of Obedience

Lord, as an act of my will I take my rightful place under You in rank, and I submit to You.  I recognize You as my superior and out of reverence for you I submit to You.  I understand that there is rank in Your Kingdom. You are greater than me in rank.  I recognize rank in the Kingdom.  You are my Lord and I submit to You and to those You have put over me.  I keep rank.  I submit to those over me and I do not submit to those under me.  I forfeit rank.  I am not my own Lord.  You are my Lord.  I understand that submission is not agreement and submission is not always easy on my flesh, but by faith, I choose to submit to You.  I refuse to live life my way.  I am not a person who has to have their way.  When You tell me to go I go, when You tell me to come I come, and when You tell me to “do this”, I do it.  What You tell me to say is what I say, what You tell me to think is what I think, and what You tell me to do is what I do.  Words from my Master are all it takes to move me.  I call You Lord, and I do the things You say. Master, it’s as simple as this, You give the order.  I am submitted to You.  As a result of all that, when I resist the devil, He flees!